Legislative Action

Rep. Buckley (right) Delivers his Letter in Support of Mao Hengfeng

Amnesty International engages our elected officials to advance policies that support human rights. This includes engaging our government in passing the International Violence Against Women Act, maintaining federal funding allocations related to human rights and abolishing the death penalty.

We’re currently engaging state and federal legislators around two issues

  • The DREAM Act (Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors) – Both Oregon’s Senators now support the Dream Act, as do local representatives Buckley and Bates.  Work to educate Congressman Walden and local representative Richardson on the issue continues.
  • Our Prisoner of Conscience, Mao Hefeng – we have secured letters of support, written directly to Chinese government officials, by Oregon’s  local representatives Buckley and Bates
  • We also encourage you to learn more about Amnesty International USA’s current legislative campaigns and contact legislators in support of these efforts. AIUSA is working to close Guantanamo Bay, and you can send an online letter to support this campaign now.



Amnesty International Supports the DREAM Act and so does our Southern Oregon chapter….

Learn: The National Immigration Law Center (NILC) has a wonderful and sharp website with everything you ever wanted to know about the DREAM Act

  •  The  DREAM Act is narrowly tailored to a population of student immigrants in the United States who arrived as children, have grown up here, and consider the US home. The legislation would support rights of immigrants living in the US.
  • Both Sen. Wyden and Sen. Merkely (a co-sponsor) support this important human rights legislation

Quick links to contact federal and state elected officials: