Immigrants’ Human Rights Campaign

Marching in Denver for Everyone’s Human Rights

In May, 2012 we began working with other organizations in the Rogue Valley to develop a coalition to work for the human rights of immigrants.  We have hosted a panel discussion in Ashland, and next at RCC in Medford, bringing together immigration attorneys, the local police, undocumented immigrants, faith groups and people in our communities to ask questions of these panelists.

Campaign Description – “Secure Communities” is part of the federal program intended to protect our human rights, but has created a pattern and practice of human rights abuse.  Amnesty Southern Oregon is working to ensure that our local law enforcement either “opts-out” of this federal program or otherwise ensures it operates to protect everyone’s human rights. 

“Deferred Action” is a process where US Immigration officials promise not to institute deportation of our undocumented high school students and recent graduates and to allow them to work if they  come out of the shadows and declare their undocumented presence to US Immigration authorities.

How You Can Help – We are currently working with local law enforcement and the immigrant rights coalition to determine whether local law enforcement will opt-0ut of “Secure Communities” to ensure the protection of all our human rights.  Come to our monthly meeting (2nd Wed. of each month) or contact Dave for more information.