Get Involved

Get involved with this Nobel Peace Prize Winning Organization in any of a number of ways:

  • Attend Monthly Meetings
  • Help Us Host Local Human Rights Events 
  • Write to officials on behalf of our inspiring Prisoner of Conscience
  • Share your creativity making Youtubes or other social media actions (Twitter, Facebook, webpage design) to promote our human rights efforts
  • Inform total strangers about how they can speak out to protect human rights at our community tabling events (we’ll teach you how)
  • Develop your expository and/or persuasive speaking skills communicating with radio, tv and newspapers about human rights issues using Amnesty’s talking points
  • Share your existing connections by helping us continue to coordinate with other human rights organizations, including the United Nations, SOU-UN Club, faith-based groups’ human rights committees….
  • Put on your cuff-links and work with our fantastic legislative team to inform our representatives via meetings and letters
  • Meet people from around the world coordinating our efforts with theirs (via Amnesty’s wonderful network of human rights workers)
  • Bring your human rights issue(s) to the monthly meetings and see how we can amplify your message and improve our world
  • Become a specialist on the human rights issues in any particular country by working with the respective AI Country Specialist
  • Become a specialist on a particular human rights issue and then be the leader for AI-Oregon on that issue, coordinating with AI-USA’s national office (e.g. reducing maternal mortality, abolishing death penalty, closing Gitmo….)

Tabling is one of the ways we spread awareness and invite people to act on-the-spot for human rights.  At events that we sponsor or co-sponsor we have a table with letters and petitions that attendees can sign for mailing.