Women’s Human Rights Campaign

We All Benefit When Women Get Equal Rights

Campaign Description The Southern Oregon Chapter of Amnesty International is focused for 2011-12 on improving equal opportunities and rights for women.  Our goals for this period are: 1.  Help Mao Hengfeng – Our Adopted Prisoner of Conscience. RELEASED.  2.  Secure the United States ratification of the United Nations “Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women” (“CEDAW”)  (US is the sole industrialized nation which has not ratified CEDAW): – educating Oregon’s Representatives about CEDAW; – educating our local community about CEDAW 3.  Assist Amnesty International with at least one “Urgent Action” related directly to women’s equal rights. Background on Issue Women make up half the world’s population but do not have equal opportunites to education, careers and safe treatment.  Mao Hengfeng, for example, was imprisoned for refusing a forced abortion in China.  As our problems become more complex, we need to work harder to ensure we have everyone’s best input to help solve them.  Helping women helps us all. For more background on this issue, consider the following: The Girl Effect:  (2 minute overview video) Ted Talk “Our Century’s Greatest Injustice – Half the Sky”:  (Ted Talk Video Lecture 18 minutes) World Pulse – Kristof and WuDunn in “Half the Sky” suggest joining World Pulse “one of the top 10 things you can do in the next 10 minutes to support women globally.” The World Bank’s Database on Women: United Nations site identifying countries which have ratified Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women UN-USA Talking Points on CEDAW 100 Steps to Get Equality for Women How You Can Help 1.  Write a Letter on behalf of Mao Hengfeng.   2.  Tell a Friend about Mao Hengfeng 3.  Join us for at least one monthly  meeting during the next year.