Iranian Mohajerinejad Speaks for Secular Democracy

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These photos document our May 23, 2012 event:  Former Iranian student protest leader and Prisoner of Conscience, Reza Mohajerinejad, spoke to nearly 100 southern Oregon residents about how we can help support the growing non-violent movement in Iran for a secular (separation of church and state) democracy.  Listen to his radio and tv interviews we helped arrange:  Jefferson Exchange Public Radio and KOBI TV.

Amnesty International, SOU-United Nations Club and Peace House sponsored Reza’s visit to speak about his experiences and Iranian/Persian history leading to his conclusion:  We can help the people of Iran secure a democratic government without war – we should mobilize vocal and visual non-violent support to the millions of Iranians who are marching in the streets calling for this change for improved human rights. 

SOU Professor James Phillips spoke to us about the human rights struggle in Central America and its parallels to the current Iranian struggle.  Thanks Reza and Dr. Phillips for your inspiring and informative speeches. 

These speeches mobilized the audience to write approximately 130 letters to either the Supreme Leader of Iran or the Head of the Judiciary in Iran (with copies to our Secretary of State Clinton) to call for the release of Iranian student protestors and Baha’i Prisoners of Conscience.  SOU President Cullinan also met with Reza to discuss naming a new street “18 Tir” in solidarity with the non-violent Iranian student movement.  We began a social media campaign based on the sign, “Remember 18 Tir.”

Persia’s human rights ideology goes back thousands of years.  Indeed, these words of Persian Poet Sa’di, decorate the hall in the United Nations headquarters:

Human beings are members of a whole,
In creation of one essence and soul.
If one member is afflicted with pain,
Other members uneasy will remain.

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