Call Rep. Walden – He Made the Wrong Vote on Violence Against Women Act

Rep. Greg Walden Just Voted To Give Abusers Power Over Battered Spouses. This week, on May 16, 2012, Rep. Walden voted for HR 4970, which eliminates the confidentiality provision under the Violence Against Women Act.  If the Senate and President allow this change in the law, abusive spouses will know when their immigrant spouses have tried to file for residency on their own.  In short, it would give spousal abusers the power to dangle “residency” over the heads of their victim-spouses.  

How to Act:  Tell Rep. Walden he made the wrong vote on HR 4970: 202-225-6730Note:  The battle is not lost – the Senate earlier passed a version of VAWA keeping the confidentiality provision, so CALL YOUR OREGON SENATORS (Wyden 541-858-5122) (Merkley 541-608-9102) TO THANK THEM AND TELL THEM TO YOU WANT CONGRESS TO PASS VAWA WITH CONFIDENTIALITY PROVISIONS TO PROTECT VICTIMS OF SPOUSAL ABUSE (AS THE LAW HAS DONE FOR OVER 10 YEARS!)

Brent Renison wrote us this Thursday (May 17) asking us to pass this along: 

I called Walden’s office just now, and told them I grew up in Bend, and went to Mountain View High School, and have many friends there, and that I was very disappointed with his vote on HR 4970.  The staffer asked me why, specifically, and I gave her a polite but passionate earful.  I think she got the point when I described how women can get killed by their abusers when someone comes asking the abuser what they think of the petition their wife just filed alleging abuse. 

 Please get your Central/Southern Oregon friends and family to call Walden.  Just a few minutes can make a huge difference in how Walden votes in the future on these types of issues. 

 Brent Renison | Parrilli Renison LLC
411 NW Park Avenue | Suite 201 | Portland, OR 97209 | USA
Voice +1 503.597.7190 | Fax +1 503.726.0730 |

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One Response to Call Rep. Walden – He Made the Wrong Vote on Violence Against Women Act

  1. AudioBob says:

    Walden, his staff and his ilk are morally bankrupt.His only constituents are the rich farmers and corporate clients. He is a pay-to-play congressman. He arrests little old ladies when confronted with distasteful issues. He has no interest in women’s issues, the elderly, children, the poor or the middleclass–you know, the 47% or the environment. Central Oregon has a choice: Put up or shut up. Stop letting the few rich voters elect a legislator for all of us. Praise the lord; pass the loot.

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