Thanks State Senator Bates for Writing for Mao Hengfeng

Oregon State Senator Dr. Alan Bates wrote to the government of China on behalf of Mao Hengfeng. 

In Senator Bates’ February 22, 2012 letter to Mayor of the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government, Senator Bates called on China “to see that Mao Hengfeng and other human rights activists are allowed to carry out their legitimate, peaceful human rights activities without fear of arbitrary detention, torture or ill treatment….” 

Senator Bates sent copies of his letter to the Chinese Ambassador to the United States and to the United States Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton.  Thank you Senator Bates! 

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3 Responses to Thanks State Senator Bates for Writing for Mao Hengfeng

  1. Don W says:

    Terrific letter from the good senator.
    (Kudos to Steve Jensen.)

  2. Steve Jensen of our Chapter worked with Senator Bates’ staff to help get this on the busy Senator’s desk for signing. Thanks go out from our Chapter to Senator Bates and his staff, and to Steve for pushing this issue forward.

  3. Cathy G. says:

    Thanks to all for helping Mao Hengfeng!

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