Iranian Student Activist Skypes with Ashland Community

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On Feb. 13, the SOU UN Club and our Amnesty International Chapter hosted a skype with Reza Mohajerinejad, student organizer of the 1999 student uprisings in Iran.  Reza told us that we should continue our petition for the release of Majid Tavakoli, Bahareh Hedayat and other Prisoners of Conscience in Iran via paper, social media, city proclamations, etc.

He congratulated the SOU UN Club and AISO for prompting the City of Ashland to recently issue a proclamation in support of education regardless of religious affiliation. In addition, Reza said we should seek to get our petitions into the news media so that word filters back to Iranian citizens who draw from our efforts support and solidarity.  He also said that from his experience, our letters to the political prisoners reach them and provide immeasureable hope.

Reza was imprisoned in Iran in 1999, eventually came to the US, and founded the International Alliance of Iranian Students. Here’s a link to his book:

Reza is scheduled to come in-person to  SOU on May 21 at 5PM as we continue our work to support human rights.  Contact Dave for more information.

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