Write A Thon Action Already Yielding Results

Great news to start 2012 – in response to Write a Thon letters from Amnesty International Southern Oregon members and supporters, and others across the world:

Jabbar Savalan

Jabbar Savalan, the 19 year-old student who spent almost 11 months in prison after calling for a protest on Facebook, was granted a presidential pardon and freed from jail in Azerbaijan on December 26, 2011!

Also, we wrote on behalf of Valentina Cantu, a brave indigenous woman in Mexico who demanded justice from unsympathetic authorities after she was raped by Mexican soldiers.  The Mexican

Inés Fernández Ortega & Valentina Rosendo Cantú

government, nine years into Valentina’s battle for justice, has now formally taken responsibility for the rape and abuse of Valentina.

Your letters are making a difference.  Thank you for writing.

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One Response to Write A Thon Action Already Yielding Results

  1. gina ayars says:

    This is inspiring news. Action to achieve social justice does not always have such immediate results. I watched a documentary on the Disappeared Children in El Salvador. Many children during the civil war in the 80s were taken and given up for adoption after their families were murdered. After 30 years, remaining family members are still looking for their lost children and siblings. The El Salvadorian government is still refusing to release records that could give families information that they need to find their loved ones.

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