Oregon House Rep. Peter Buckley Sends Letter in Support of Mao Hengfeng

State Rep. Buckley holding his letter to Chinese Officials concerning Mao Hengfeng

Rep. Buckley has penned a personal letter to the mayor of Shanghai in support of our chapter’s Prisoner of Conscience, Mao Hengfeng.

On another front, he continues to support all efforts to pass the federal DREAM Act even though his status as a local legislator does not give him the best platform for influencing federal legislation.

He is very active in supporting Oregon’s own mini version of this effort to gain education rights for children of undocumented persons. SB 742 would have allowed children of illegal immigrants to qualify for in-state tuition if they met a string of conditions, including graduating from high school in Oregon, living in the United States for five years and promising that they will seek to legalize their immigration status as soon as they are eligible to do so. It’s a half-step, but it’s pretty much all the state can do, since it can’t grant citizenship. Unfortunately, while the bill passed in the Oregon Senate it died in the House. There are hopes to revive it in the upcoming session in February.

Thank you, Peter Buckley, for standing up and helping us shine a light.

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