Photos of Write a Thon Events in Southern Oregon

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Here’s a snapshot of some of the week’s highlights:
  • Sunday 12/4 – 2 churches – 120 letters
  • Tuesday 12/5 – large article in hardcopy Medford Mail Tribune and internet delivery in MMT and Daily Tidings
  • Wednesday 12/7 – SOU – United Nations Club – only 15 letters, but important “seed” planted, because those present included UN Club Pres, Student VP and Professor on Political/Cultural Anthropology who want to make this a full-fledged visible event held in the SOU Library next year
  • Thursday 12/8 – half-hour radio interview on Jefferson Exchange
  • Friday 12/9 – Medford event at Eileen Adee’s home – 100+ letters
  • Saturday 12/10 – Human Rights Day – 4 events
  •     1.  Meera Censor’s home – 100 letters
  •     2.  Amnesty Int’l speech at Occupy Ashland Public Recitation of UDHR
  •         – Photo of Rep. Peter Buckley delivering to Amnesty his official letter of concern to Chinese Government regarding Mao Hengfeng
  •     3.  United Nations – USA Leo Nevis Speech with post-event letter writing
  •     4.  Norway Chapter (Oslo) and Southern Oregon Chapter joint Mao Hengfeng Petition (200 signatures – 140 in Oslo and 60 in Ashland)
  • Sunday, December 11 – Unitarian Church – teen group generated letters and cards of support
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One Response to Photos of Write a Thon Events in Southern Oregon

  1. gina ayars says:

    i participated in letter writing on Saturday with a group of human rights activists. The feeling of solidarity was powerful. The 15 stories of the imprisoned focused our efforts for the 3 hours we wrote to officials and the prisoners themselves.

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