Mao Hengfeng Update – Beaten While Standing Up for Human Rights

chen guangcheng blind advocate

Chen Guangcheng in undated photo

Chinese authorities continue to beat and detain Mao Hengfeng to prevent her from exercising her rights to speech, movement and association.

On October 30, Mao Hengfeng and dozens of other human rights supporters  suffered beatings and intimidation while attempting  to visit Chen Guangcheng.   Chen Guangcheng is a blind legal advocate under house arrest and who served several years in prison after exposing China’s pattern of forced abortions and sterilizations.

On November 12, Mao Hengfeng and 43 others again tried to visit Chen Guangcheng at his home, to mark his 40th birthday.  Police intercepted their bus, detained them inside their vehicle for more than 12 hours, then escorted them out of town.

On the afternoon of November 13, the 44 activists went to Beijing and attempted to visit another human rights defender, Ai Weiwei. Beijing police detained them in a dark room with no electricity. Police allowed them to leave at midnight, without  formal arrest or charge.

Click here  for the “Human Rights In China” article.  Here’s Amnesty International’s November 11, 2011 report  on China’s brutal response to Chen Guangcheng’s visitors.

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